Gourmet recipes at home

We specialise in creating packaged meals that include all the ingredients you need for your dishes.

The Just Married tins contain everything you need to prepare an exquisite meal: a natural broth cooked over a slow heat using the very best ingredients and a little container with premium quality rice or noodles. The result: a delicious meal in a mere 16 minutes, made following 3 simple steps.

Discover how to make your Just Married dish:

Step by step:

Open the can and empty it into a aucepan.

You don't need to put water! Our products come with everything you need: ingredients, experience and passion.

Turn on the stove and bring to a boil

Allow the aromas to fill your soul... And once it’s boiling, it’s time to add the rice or fideuà.

Leave it to simmer for the indicated time

Patience is one of the secrets of gourmet cooking... Give it a stir once in a while, then let it sit before serving.

Just Married, haute cuisine in a tin

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