Broth, the ultimate classic

Our broths are prepared using premium-quality ingredients. Cooked over a slow heat and with lots of love so you can enjoy that warm feeling of home.

Other dishes

The best sofrito sauces to accompany your recipes and delicious dishes, ready to enjoy in good company.

Our homemade meals, created using premium-quality ingredients, will give you dishes that are sure to leave you speechless.

Rice dishes and Fideuá

Delicious rice and noodle dishes ready to serve, eat and enjoy.

Authentic traditional recipes made using natural ingredients that take just 15 minutes to prepare.


Exquisite, smooth and creamy – these are our risottos

Smooth, simple and delicious recipes prepared using traditional methods. Ideal for sharing with 1 or 2 people on special occasions.

Delight your customers with the Just Married products!

The quality of our ingredients and the careful preparation of our dishes are a guarantee of success.