NUDDLES : Nuddles with sausage and pork
If it’s genuine true love, the food must be genuine too. A delicious melange of fideuà with sausage and pork is an authentic match made in heaven. And all of the ingredients are authentic too: thick Catalan pasta and 100% natural, homemade de payès farmhouse sausage. In fact, we fry the sausage the very same day that it is made, which is why it contains no preservatives. To top it off, we lightly fry carefully selected pork ribs from the La Garrotxa region - only from females as they are more tender and flavoursome. And last but not least, we add some of our natural stock and present this simple and traditional recipe in our special Just Married tin. For there is no reason why a traditional dish like this cannot also be chic! And there you have it: a full bodied, hearty dish worthy of one’s true love.
Ingredients: Water, pasta, de payès sausage and pork ribs, chicken, olive oil, tomato, onion, carrot, butter, garlic, leek, onion, salt, celery, sugar and pepper.

Allergy information: Contains gluten, celery, milk products.

Net weight per tin: 840 grams.
Net weight of accompanying pasta: 170 grams.
Open the tin and savour the aroma Empty the contents of the tin into a small pan Place on the heat and bring up to the boil Then add the accompanying portion of rice and turn down the heat Leave to simmer for the specified length of time, stirring occasionally. If desired, parmesan could be added to certain risotto dishes two minutes before it is ready Remove from the heat and leave it of rice to rest for a few minutes, according to taste
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