It’s Sunday. There’s nothing in the fridge and some friends have come over unexpected. Luckily I have a tin of Just Married ready to go. Time to improvise!
The bathroom light doesn’t work, the sofa your parents gave you won’t fit through the door, but you have a tin of Just Married in the kitchen… what more do you need?
You don’t really need an excuse to enjoy a tin of Just Married.
with the family
When you have children, any activity that makes them happy is worthwhile. By opening a tin of Just Married you can get them involved in the simple and fun preparation of all the different dishes. Not to mention the luxury of sharing exquisite, natural and wholesome dishes with the whole family.
with Friends
Marcià and Ariana have offered to provide Just Married and the venue, Jaime and Emma the wine, Jaume and Carla their naughty offspring. And as usual, Marc will bring along his therapeutic and contagious laughter!
on holiday
You don’t feel like cooking, shopping, or in fact doing anything at all! But you do feel like enjoying yourself, having fun and relaxing. Just Married suits your mood, even on holiday.
Something original, something delicious, something easy, something that makes a statement… Surprise your guests or your hosts with an exquisite feast presented in a trendy, retro style packaging… Just Married – what else?
Besides offering you a chance to enjoy some splendid dishes, Just Married evokes a myriad of memories: the taste of the Mediterranean sea, mum’s home cooking, the table you have become so accustomed to, in this restaurant you always go to, which serves the best meals in town…
Celebrating a big occasion or moment but run out of ideas...? With its unique, original and eye catching presentation, Just Married is not only an excellent choice of gift but also a great way of introducing your friends or hosts to delicious, high quality food. Your gift will definitely make a great impression.