A little kitchen in Palamós

Just Married started life in Palamós, a charming village on the Costa Brava, in the province of Girona, renowned for its stunning beauty, medieval villages, beaches, culture and cuisine.

Where we loving prepare arroces and fideuà.

Each Just Married dish is carefully prepared by hand, in a large pan and a good dose of love. We do not use preservatives, or artificial colours or flavours and we use the old fashioned “au bain marie” sterilisation method. We only use natural and superior quality ingredients.

Our presentation is highly original

Just Married is ready-made haute cuisine presented in a tin. Each tin is unique and contains the best arroz and fideuà dishes from our culinary culture. Each tin is adorned with a ribbon, symbolising our promise to you.

And to enjoy JUST MARRIED all you have to do is open the tin and heat the contents. Just Married receipt, you just have to open and simmer

You may ask yourself whether preparing a tin of Just Married is complicated? But all you have to do is open the tin, empty the contents, simmer, stir occasionally, keep an eye on it and add a personal touch, if so desired. For after all, Just Married is team work. Furthermore, this new culinary concept is so practical and easy that it enables you to enjoy a Just Married dish at any time and in virtually any place.

We want you to feel like a chef…

A tin of Just Married enables you to create a restaurant in your own home. The end result is a delicious dish which will wow all of your guests.

And this is all done by hand…

We are smaller than a football team and we don’t have a goalkeeper… but this doesn’t stop us having a good time! Our passion can be tasted in each and every one of our dishes. We thrive on the originality which goes into every tin. And guess what our number one aim is? TO SURPRISE YOU! This is what keeps us awake at night.